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Written by Jeanette Navia   
Saturday, 24 January 1998 21:28

Tannins: Any of a broad group of plant-derived phenolic compounds characterized by their ability to precipitate proteins.   Tannins are found in many fruits, berries, nuts, beans, beverages, breads, smokes, herbs and spices. They are in part responsible for the bitter, astringent tastes of black tea and many wines and beers. 

Phenolics (of which tannins are a subgroup) are found in perfumes, fragrances, paints, petroleum products, household and industrial cleaners, and many food dyes (both natural and artificial). 

These pages were created to help you decide whether or not tannins and other phenolic chemicals exacerbate your migraines and other health conditions.

Note: I am neither doctor nor scientist. In these pages, I hope to explain my personal experience and success in finally getting control over constant, frequent migraines which I had for over twenty years.  It's my belief that millions of people may well be experiencing migraines as a direct or indirect result of the high-tannin content of the modern American diet.

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